Shower Renovation Melbourne

We at Renovation Builders Melbourne believe that shower renovation projects are challenging, but with proper planning, they may be more straightforward.

Establishing your end goal for your new shower look is the top priority of our planning process.


Add Value to Your Home With a Shower Renovation

Renovation Builders Melbourne is a specialist in providing remodelling solutions for your shower. Our team is equipped with experience and skills to turn your dream bathroom look into reality. 

Despite being one of your house’s most often used rooms, the shower room is frequently overlooked. You won’t want to leave your shower room once Renovation Builders Melbourne transforms it into your private heaven!


Why renovate your shower

Revitalize your mind and body with a refreshing shower and bath experience to help you begin and finish your day positively. 

Our shower room renovation solution is perfect for helping you bring your envisioned new shower look to life. 

Allow us to help you create a difference in your showering routine, giving you safety and comfort while using your newly renovated shower room.

Step 1


Talk to us about what you envision for your shower renovation. We will give you details on what we can deliver

Step 1

Step 2

Free Measure and Quote

Enjoy a free measure and quote where we map out your new shower look

Step 2

Step 3

Design and Select

In a consultative design process we map out your new shower design. At this stage we can discuss all the designs and models that you want to achieve.

Step 3

Step 4


Start of the renovation happens at this stage while we start constructing your new dream shower look. 

Step 4
The typical price to remodel a shower is $6,000. However, the typical value varies between $3,000 and $15,000, depending on the choices you make and the cost of labor and materials in your region. If you’re intent on making the room opulent, the average range might be substantially more.

There are fewer nooks and crannies to clean than in a standard shower enclosure. Its surfaces are smooth and nonporous, so a quick wash down will restore them to like-new condition. Also gone are the drab, mold-attracting shower doors and drapes!

The greatest option is ceramic tiles because they are less costly than porcelain. If fitted properly, these materials are durable and trustworthy and ought to last you for decades.

The cost to build a shower ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 since showers come in a variety of designs, sizes, and types.

Experienced Shower renovation experts Melbourne

Renovation Builders Melbourne is the right one for you if you want to design a new shower aesthetic. Our experienced team can provide you the best shower remodel concepts that will surely fit your taste.

We renovate showers and bathrooms to maximize their potential using a variety of high end design choices and superior finishing. No matter your aesthetic preferences, we are equipped with in-depth building knowledge to bring your vision to reality.

We take care of every component of the construction during our renovations. To completely manage your project, our team consists of skilled tradespeople with the necessary credentials. Our meticulous attention to detail and step-by-step approach throughout the procedure enables a full-service experience.

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