Restore and create a great living space for your old house with modern extension and renovation. Renovation Builders Melbourne are experts in bringing back the charm and life of your old house, adding modern touch creating your dream house a new look without compromising the authenticity of your house design.


Renew and Bring Back Your Old House To Life

Renovation of an old house is a chance to create a luxurious and stylish living space you’ve always wanted without spending too much money. Transforming older homes allows you to preserve and celebrate the soul of the property. 

Bringing back the appeal and beauty of an old house takes time and effort, but here in Renovation Builders Melbourne, no project is big or small.

We aim to always provide the best renovation accomplishment from start to finish. 

Step 1


Talk to us about what you envision for your old house renovation. We will give you details on what we can deliver

Step 1

Step 2

Free Measure and Quote

Enjoy a free measure and quote where we map out your old house remodel project

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Step 3

Design and Select

In a consultative design process we map out your old house new look. At this stage you can select the possible designs and remodel you want to see at the end of the project

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Step 4


Construction and renovation of your old house happen  at this stage. You are a few steps away from your new house

Step 4

Old house remodelling specialists in Melbourne

Old houses can be advantageous to renovate. You will be rewarded with a completely unique home if you have taken the time to get to know the home’s character and worked through the process of retaining the old-world charm to sit seamlessly alongside modern products and features. A house that can preserve its history tells its story, and accommodate a growing family in the future.

Renovation Builders Melbourne stay true to the old house’s original design, consider the placement of the extensions, the materials you intend to use, and the impact the extension will have on the overall appearance of your old home. We make sure that the remodeling process of your house is as smooth as possible without hurting your budget.

Old house makeovers Melbourne

Our team of experienced renovators will transform your old home into a living space where your family can experience modern comfort and functionality while preserving its authentic beauty.

Our old house renovation includes:

  • Old House Modern Extension
  • Tiles Replacement
  • Plumbing Services
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
  • Repainting Jobs
  • Cabinets and Fixtures Replacement


Is an old house renovation worth it 

An old house is full of character. There will likely be antique woodwork, intricate moulding details, and unusual light fixtures and hardware. Even with renovations, you’ll be able to keep some of the originality while updating and personalising it.

There are things to consider when deciding to renovate an old house. Our team at Renovation Builders Melbourne will make your remodeling project stress-free and your satisfaction is always top of priority. 


Old House Renovation Experts Melbourne

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