Functional laundry renovations that add flavour to your home. In a laundry renovation, space should be created, and functionality kept at the forefront of the design. Adding a new laundry to your home can have an unexpected impact, we can turn an often overlooked room into a feature space of the property.

Laundry renovations Melbourne, laundry reno

Laundry renovation packages

Sometimes our customers like to bundle in a laundry renovation with a bathroom or kitchen renovation. We always put laundry renovation packages together for our customers, saving them time and money. This also gives you buying power on materials, we can give better prices for larger purchases. The laundry renovation process covers all aspects of the laundry renovation, from demolition to installation to cleanup. 


Laundry makeover Melbourne

The laundry may be forgotten when doing repairs or modifications to the house. This is so because laundries are thought to serve more functional purposes than aesthetic ones. That shouldn’t be the case all the time, though. You may have an attractive and valuable laundry with Renovation Builders Melbourne. Utilize our services to elevate your laundry at your home and rediscover your enthusiasm for washing. This, in our opinion, is what every house merits and requires.

When starting the design process, you should consider various factors, such as the flooring, colours, and style you need, the equipment you intend to store there, storage needs, and available space. There may be many additional factors to take into account in addition to these basic ones. This makes it easier for you to visualise your laundry makeover and allows you to personalise them to suit your needs or improve their appearance

Why a laundry renovation?

Like any other room in the house, the laundry also needs the care to fix cracks, peeling wallpaper, fading paint, and other issues. You may also add some extensive integrations in addition to these little changes. Do you wish for additional storage? Looking for a more modern look? Not happy with the current design? Want to give it a little more of an opulent feel? A laundry remodel is the best option if any of these apply to you.

Why not make the laundry a part of your home as it is already a part of it? Utilize coordinating containers to integrate your laundry neatly and keep all the clutter hidden. Stylish wallpaper patterns, vibrant colours, or a smooth entryway from the kitchen into your laundry. There are countless alternatives, so let your laundry show it off. Give us the opportunity to renovate and repurpose your laundry room so that it meets your needs.

With our building license, major structural changes are also available

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Design and Select

In a consultative design process we map out your new kitchen. At this stage you can select the bench tops and finishings.

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Laundry renovation cost 

A simple laundry will cost you around $16,000, a normal laundry with some bells would cost you about $17,500, and a luxury laundry remodel with all the bells and whistles will cost you about $19,000 or higher; it does depend on the size, fittings and material quality.

Laundry renovation, what to consider

Making the most of available space

Our specialists will take precise measurements of the area, noting appliances and the locations of the plumbing and drainage systems that are currently in place. Based on this, a contemporary laundry design is produced, improving the room’s functionality and aesthetics.


The laundry room experiences a lot of wear and tear since water and moisture damage the installations and features, making them appear dated and worn out before their time. Because of this, Sydney Wide Kitchens only instals your new laundry with sturdy and long-lasting materials.

Building your new laundry

How will the laundry last over time?

Laundry cabinets need to be solid and durable; thus, we only use the best materials to design your bespoke laundry instals, such as veneers, solid timber, laminates, and hardwood.


For contemporary laundry designs, we suggest bespoke shelving options in addition to placing built-in cabinets in nooks and corners and behind doors. Our design experts will ensure that you have adequate storage room to keep your laundry, cleaning supplies, additional linen, etc. Placing the sink in the right place and stacking the washer and dryer can allow more space for cabinets.

What is included in a laundry renovation?

  • Removal of old laundry
  • Creating access and structural work
  • Tiling
  • Installation of  bench tops
  • Installation of cabinets
  • Plumbing and Electrical
  • Place new appliances

We handle the whole laundry renovation process from design to construction

Laundry renovations Melbourne, laundry reno - Laundry cupboards

Depending on the size of your laundry, the amount of work required, the materials you choose, and the appliances you want, a laundry remodel might cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000 and beyond.

A laundry room needs sufficient ventilation and an exhaust fan for a number of reasons. These include maintaining proper moisture levels, guarding against mildew, avoiding lint fires, and safeguarding the inhabitants’ health. Your laundry room will stay cooler if you have exhaust fans.

1. Continue to be organized with laundry bags
2. Include a drip-dry rack or hanging rod
3. Ensure the counters and floors are water-resistant
4. Continue your decoration type
5. Include a large amount of storage space

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a laundry room in your house. The ideal laundry room arrangement may help you create a functional environment. While it is a location for certain work, it should also be a place where you feel at ease.

Basement. Basements are typically utilised for washing facilities since they offer greater space than the ground floor or above floors. Having the laundry room in the basement also allows you to optimize space in the living rooms upstairs. Water is confined in the basement, away from residential spaces, in the case of floods.

Laundry renovation experts Melbourne

Budget laundry renovations are popular, this is something we commonly do. Finding a solution that maximises your space while making the area usable and convenient is critical, either constructing a new laundry or remodelling an old one.

Whether a contemporary design or a small DIY laundry renovation, the secret to a successful laundry is to devise a solution that utilises the space at hand as effectively as possible; how much useable space may be made available for storage will surprise you. That is why a group of knowledgeable carpenters is so beneficial. While floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a terrific option for tiny areas and provide you with a place to hide away mops and brooms and all the other items you don’t really want on display, overhead cabinets may be built to make use of vacant walls.

A laundry can flow into the hallway or be a simple design hidden away in a nook, there are endless possibilities and many options should be considered.

Beyond this, the majority of individuals want a design that complements the aesthetic of the rest of the house. This should provide a smooth transition to your laundry room, making it seem less like a hidden, secret space and more like a natural extension of your living space.

Coordinating the colour schemes and materials with other wet sections of the home is a common practice. We will try to utilise the same materials and colours as any improvements you are doing if at all feasible to keep everything looking uniform. But don’t worry, if you simply need to renovate the laundry itself, our staff knows to ensure it matches your present aesthetic flawlessly.

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