If you are looking for a company that can do spectacular bathroom renovations in Yarraville, you have come to the right place. Bathroom remodelers from our company can work with your budget and help you achieve a magnificent end result. We’re one of the leading renovation companies in Melbourne.

For Renovation Builders Melbourne, successful projects begin with the first consultation with our customers. We have a group of expert designers who can help you plan your bathroom renovation. We’re here to help you make well-informed design decisions and to provide solutions to any problems you run across along the way. Our goal is to make your bathroom safer and more appealing for your family, friends and guests.

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Talk to us about what you envision for your kitchen renovation. We will give you details on what we can deliver

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Free Measure and Quote

Enjoy a free measure and quote where we map out your new kitchen

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Step 3

Design and Select

In a consultative design process we map out your new kitchen. At this stage you can select the bench tops and finishings.

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Installation of your kitchen happens at this stage while we construct your brand new kitchen

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Professional Bathroom Renovators

Your bathroom should be remodelled to be more comfortable, elegant, and functional. We can assist you in creating the appearance and feel of your very own spa in your bathroom.

The following bathroom renovations are among the most useful ones that people like you are getting:

A designated bathroom wall-mounted restroom, heated flooring and chairs, buried bathtub, vanities and cabinets made to order, two sinks, showers without doors, interior lighting features, hushed-up fans, and open plan design.

Professionals in Bathroom Renovation in Yarraville

We are a full-service bathroom remodelling firm that handles design, demolition, plumbing, shower and tub installation, tiling, electrical work, and more.

We handle everything with the utmost care, superior craftsmanship, extraordinary attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service.

Renovation Builders Melbourne is capable of constructing the powder room, guest bathroom, and master bathroom renovations of your dreams. We engage with you to complete the project on schedule and to the greatest possible standard as one of the leading businesses for bathroom renovations.

Renovating a Bathroom in Yarraville

Renovation Builders Melbourne is your expert bathroom remodelling contractor in Yarraville, we are offering a wide range of services that can help build spectacular bathroom renovations. Regardless of the scope of the project, our team is capable of completing everything to your satisfaction. We can come up with several ideas for you, and then we’ll work on the one that you want to go forward with.

Your bathroom may be as distinctive and elegant as it is practical thanks to artistic fixtures and faucets, countless stone and tile alternatives, original shower and tub designs, and options for picture-perfect lighting.

A reliable bathroom renovation team

You can expect hassle-free service and a seamless renovation process when you hire Renovation Builders Melbourne to renovate your Yarravile bathroom. We are experts in all facets of bath renovation, so you won’t ever need to coordinate with independent contractors or hire someone else to finish the task. We assign professional project managers to each project from the beginning to ensure clear communication and timely completion of the work.


What is included in a bathroom makeover?

Free Renovation Quote for a Bathroom Reno
We provide a full, up-front, no-obligation quote for each project. This covers schedules, requirements, money, and deadlines. Whether the task calls for a complete bathroom remodel or something smaller, we meticulously calculate the price of every bathroom installation. While safeguarding you from unpleasant surprises, we wish to get the most out of your money.

Yarraville Bathroom Design 
Any bathroom designs you might now have in place will be thoroughly examined. In that case, our design services may still be helpful. Depending on your input, we may also provide CAD drawings and 3D drawings.

First Fit Survey
If we haven’t already examined your bathroom as part of the estimate, we will come and take exact measurements before starting construction and make sure everything fits flawlessly.

We take care of everything from the planning phase to the installation phase of the renovation.

Shower Remodel Experts - Renovation Builders Melbourne

What bathroom designs RBM offer?

When you select what sort of bathroom you want for your home, the design process does not immediately begin. As soon as you’ve selected how you want your perfect bathroom to be set up, we’ll begin working with you to select the design. Some of our most popular bathroom designs are the ones listed below:

  • Energy efficient
  • Green
  • Spa-like
  • Industrial
  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Mediterranean
  • High tech

What types of bathroom renovations are available?

What types of kitchen designs and kitchen layouts are available?

Expert bathroom renovators

Expert bathroom renovators