Looking to add space to your home but cannot extend outwards? Renovation Builders Melbourne is an expert in providing the best solution for second-storey additions.


Space Solutions with Second-Storey Extensions for Your Home

It may surprise you, but a double-story extension may be less expensive than you think, especially when compared to a ground-floor extension. Budget concerns with ground floor additions are effectively addressed by building upward and adding a second floor.

Adding a second-storey extension to your home could be the ideal solution to your space problem.

You can rely on our experienced Renovation Builders teams to deliver high-quality second-floor additions to double-storey house extensions for classic and modern Melbourne homes.

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Talk to us about what you envision for your second-storey additions. We will give you details on what we can deliver

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Free Measure and Quote

Enjoy a free measure and quote where we map out your second-storey extensions

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Design and Select

In a consultative design process, we map out your new second-storey house space. 

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Construction of your new second storey house extension starts at this stage

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Second Storey Extensions Experts Melbourne

As second-storey addition specialists, we believe in transforming the house you love into a home with all the space you need for your family, lifestyle, and comfort.

When we build a second-storey, we create unique designs that are impossible with a stun renovation. Our in-house designs provide exceptional value for the money because you do not require extra architecture services. And we do it all within your budget.

Adding a two-storey extension to your existing ground floor will add more space and significant value to your home. The possibilities are endless, from comfortable bedrooms for each child to a luxurious parents’ retreat to an ample open-plan living space and entertaining area.

Why add a second-storey

A second-storey addition not only provides additional space for the family to grow. It can also increase the value of your home and the quality of life for everyone. Families require space to grow while spending quality time together.

A second-storey extension from Renovation Builders Melbourne helps ensure this and enables you to live in your home comfortably for many years.

Adding a second floor is ideal if you have small space for ground floor extensions, but there are numerous other advantages as well:

  • Save time and money because the foundations and substructure are already in place.
  • In many cases, you will be able to stay on the existing ground floor while construction is underway, saving you the hassle of moving out and the expense of renting.
  • Improve your views by adding a quality second-floor home addition to suit your needs.
  • Adding extra bedrooms, storage, or living areas expands space and functionality.
  • Preserve your outdoor areas while reaping the benefits of more living space.

Second-storey Additions cost

We recognise that everyone has a budget, financial limitations, and a different vision for their dream home. That is why we can work with you to create a budget that includes everything from the materials cost to the fees required for the construction and renovation. Rest assured that we are more than willing to discuss the costs of adding a second storey to your home so that you are at ease throughout the process.


What includes on second-storey extension?

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